pSConfig Web Admin

pSConfig Web Admin (PWA) is a web-based UI for perfSONAR administrators to define and publish MeshConfig/pSConfig meshes, which automates tests executed by test nodes, and provides topology information to various services, such as Grafana.

In addition to providing a user-friendly interface for creating pSConfig/MeshConfig output to define meshes, PWA allows multiple users to collaborate on the configuration of testspecs, host groups, and configs. Users can be designated super-admins or normal users, depending on how much access they need. It is also possible to allow users to edit some meshes, but not others.

PWA UI Screenshot

Included with PWA is a publisher that allows users to download defined pSConfig/MeshConfig in JSON format.

MeshConfig JSON Screenshot

PWA leverages the perfSONAR Global Lookup Service to provide a list of hosts that administrators can select in PWA’s host group editor. It supports adding new “ad-hoc” hosts manually.

PWA can also load host information from a private Simple Loookup Service instance.


Please submit bug reports / feature request at PWA Github Repo