Configuring pScheduler


This document describes the configuration files available for pScheduler. All are located in /etc/pscheduler or a subdirectory.

daemons - Daemon Options

This directory holds files containing additional command-line switches to be provided to the four pScheduler daemons at startup.

There should be no need to alter these files under most circumstances. Please consult the development team before doing so.

database - Database Authentication

This directory contains files containing authentication information for the PostgreSQL database used by the daemons to store persistent data. These are generated randomly when the pScheduler server is installed and during upgrades.

There should be no need to alter these files, and doing so will cause pScheduler to malfunction.

default-archives - System-Wide Default Archivers

This directory contains archive specifications, one per file, that are applied to every measurement led by this system. These archives are performed in addition to any specified in a task.

See the pScheduler Archivers page for details on content.

limits.conf - Limit Configuration

This file determines the restrictions pScheduler will place on incoming task requests and scheduling.

See Configuring pScheduler Limits (in a separate document) for details on the format and contents.

tool - Tool Configurations

This directory contains files with configuration parameters for the tools installed on the system. Any tool which has a configuration file will install a file here; the lack of one for a tool means the tool is not configurable.

The content of the files will vary on a per-tool basis, and each will contain commentary explaining the purpose and format of each configurable item.

There should be no need to alter these files under most circumstances.