perfSONAR Client Tools

perfSONAR includes some sample tools to retrieve perfSONAR-related data. You can also use the perfSONAR Client API to write your own tools.

Lookup Service clients

Lookup Service clients are available at, and can be installed using python’s easy_install:

easy_install sls-client

The sLS clients include:

  • find_ps_ma: a command line script that returns a list of MAs that have test results for given host.

  • sls_dig: a script that is similar to “dig” tool. It retrieves information about a host registered in the sLS.

  • sls_report: generate a report of all hosts in the Lookup Service

To run sls_dig: sls_dig <host-name>

To run find_ps_ma: find_ps_ma -n <host-name>

The sls_dig is especially useful if you debugging some problem and want to do a quick lookup on a host registered in the lookup-service.